03 July 2024
Move-in and Move-out Permits Dubai | A Step-by-Step Process
Move-in and Move-out Permits Dubai

Moving is clearly not a simple exercise; especially when moving from one city to another; in this instance, the city in question is Dubai. There are certain basic requirements some of which people often fail to obtain include the move-in and move-out permits. All these permits are very essential for any relocation process to be efficient and without any complications. So without further ado, let’s explore all you need to know about Dubai Properties Move-In/Out Permit  in this write-up in order to ease your next move.

Dubai Properties Move-In Permits


Step-by-Step Application Process

Contact Your Property Management: First, before anything else, you should inform the property management company of your desired date to occupy the property.

Gather Required Documents: Typically you shall provide your tenancy contract, Emirates ID and a passport.

Submit the Application: Preparation of applications can be done through the property management portal or by visiting our office.

Await Approval: On submission of the permit, you will be issued with a confirmation plus the permit within just a few days only.

Required Documents

- Tenancy contract

- Emirates ID

- Passport copy

- No objection certificate (NOC) from the landlord (if required)

Dubai properties Move-Out Permits


Step-by-Step Application Process

Notify Your Property Management: Let them know your moving date and get the proper paperwork.

Collect Required Documents: To close off your tenancy, you will require your tenancy contract, Emirates ID, passport, and clearance certificate from service providers.

Submit the Application: Like move-in permits, you can apply for your permit online or you can go in person if you prefer.

Receive Approval: After you submit the required documents, the MOVE OUT PERMIT should be ready within the next three working days.

Required Documents

- Tenancy contract

- Emirates ID

- Passport copy

- Utility clearance certificate

- Copy of the NOC from the landlord (where necessary)

Dubai Property will release the move-out permit once all outstanding fees for Community Service have been paid. Furthermore, engage your moving company in Dubai on your moving date so that they can effectively assist you.

Online Application vs In Person Application

Most property management companies have online application services whereby the process is more streamlined. However, if you wish so, you can also submit the application in our office.


What are the Dubai Properties Move-In/Move-Out Permits?

A move-in permit is a legal document which enables people to bring their property into another house. This permit helps in ensuring that the move is carried out systematically with no violation of the law within the region.

Likewise, move out permit is also necessary in situations where the dwellers are leaving the property. It reaffirms that tenants leave cleanly and that all their responsibilities to the property and residents are met.


Why Obtain A Permit?

Regulatory Reasons

Every community in Dubai has specific laws regarding movement of people inbound and outbound in respective communities. Such permits assist the authorities in tracking movements to ensure that individuals are not contravening any law in their region.

Safety and Security Concerns

Permits are also very important tools when it comes to safety and security measures put in place. It assists in curtailing intrusions and guarantees that the operations in the moving fraternity do not affect the order and harmony of the society.


The fees that accompany move-in and move-out permits

While online application is common, faster and easier, there is an option to submit the application in person if necessary.

Application Fees

Typically these permits are issued at a relatively cheap rate. The exact can was differ with the particular property management company or the kind of property in question.

Additional Costs

Other costs can be service fees from movers in case you need the moving permit or any extra processing fees if you require the permit as soon as possible.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Missing Documents

Many people make mistakes when filling the application; one of them is failure to produce all the required documents, this slows down the process of approval.

Incorrect Information

Make sure that all of the information submitted is real and corresponds with the information in your identification documents.

Late Applications

Submitting your application too late can cause significant delays and disrupt your moving plans. Always apply well in advance of your move date.


Tips for a Smooth Move-In Process

Planning in Advance

To help yourself cope with the time effectively, make a list of all the activities to be done and the corresponding time limits.

Coordinating with Moving Companies

Ensure your moving company is aware of the permit requirements and timeline. This helps avoid any last-minute issues.

Managing Utilities and Services

Always ensure that you order new utilities and services to be connected to your new home before moving in. These are some of the utilities that include electricity, water, internet, and gas.

Tips for a Smooth Move-Out Process

Final Inspections

Make an appointment with your landlord or property manager for a final check to confirm everything meets the set standards and no more complaints.

Settling Outstanding Bills

Clear all outstanding balances when it comes to utilities and any other charges owed by the occupants. Get clearance from the service providers.

Returning Keys and Access Cards

All keys, including access cards, and remotes must be returned to the property management office. Ensure that you obtain a receipt for these items.


It is possible to avoid getting lost in the permit requirements for moving in and out of any facility in Dubai. By following all the points that have been explained here regarding the Dubai Properties Move-In/Out Permit, you will be able to make the right preparations for your move, making it as stress-free as possible. To ensure that you do not have any problems, always be organized and ready, prepare all the necessary documents, and coordinate with your property management company.

For information on Emaar move-in/out permits, we have a separate guide available.


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