03 July 2023
The Ultimate Hassle-free Guide To Packing Your Belongings

An important aspect of organizing your home or moving to a new one is packing. It is time-consuming and requires immense effort to ensure that the transported items will stay safe until they reach their destination. However, by organizing your belongings correctly and using the proper techniques, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. This blog will reveal the essential guidelines you need to pack your belongings perfectly, without any stress.

Start Early

It is best to give yourself a comfortable time frame based on the number of items to be packed. When you begin preparing at the last minute, you will rush through the process, and the chances of misplacing or breaking things will increase. You will also be highly stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be completed. Furthermore, you may have difficulty finding Movers and Packers in Dubai to transport items if the packing starts late. If you have only a limited amount of things to sort through, we recommend beginning two or three days before. On the other hand, if there are many items, starting at least a week or two earlier will be wise

Prepare the packing supplies

Before you begin, it is essential to gather all the necessary items for packing. These include packing tape, bags, boxes, suitable filling materials, bubble wrap and tools such as scissors and staplers. If you are packing bulky items that weigh more than 15kg, it is best to opt for a heavy-duty box or a wooden container. You need to have more supplies than you estimate you will need. If you run out later, you may not have enough time to source new ones.

Pack similar Items Together

When you start packing, it is best to put similar items together in one container. This will make it easy to locate them in the future. If the items are fragile, remember to use plenty of cushioning material and bubble wrap to secure them.

Label boxes and maintain an inventory list

It is easy to misplace items if you are packing several things. Proper labelling and an inventory list can help keep track of your belongings and ensure you can retrieve them with ease. This is essential if you are moving items to storage facilities in Dubai and will not access them for some time. You could forget where you kept the things and have difficulty retrieving them. 

While labelling is straightforward, if you decide to keep an inventory list, instead of having physical documents, you could use an excel sheet as it is faster and easier to use. You could further paste a QR code on the box, linked to a document containing the list of items inside, to help you find an object without having to open the container.

Use up all empty spaces

Proper labelling and When you are packing things with some space within them, you could secure them and save up on supplies by storing other items in the vacant area. For example, you could put clothes inside vases and pack smaller receptacles within large ones.

Packing your belongings is not difficult if you follow the guide above. Hence, make sure to abide by them to have a stress-free experience. If you wish to hire a Moving & Packing company in Dubai or rent a storage facility, contact us at 800 TRUCK, and our professional staff will help you.

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