01 July 2023
Office Relocation: Ultimate Tips To Make Your Moving Process Easy
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If you’re planning for office relocation, you’ll be trying for minimum disturbance during the move. Whether you’re relocating a maintained office or a shared office space, the office relocation process is a challenging task. However, there are storage and Moving Companies that can help keep things running as evenly as possible. Here’s a helpful guide to assist you in making a move without undue stress.


Communicate with all involved in relocation

  • Notify your property manager and give them official notice because it would be easy to adjust to the procedure.
  • Inform all your members and office staff about the date and new office location as they need to attend the new location right after the move.


Plan ahead of time

  • Prepare a comprehensive floor plan for your new space since it gives you a rough idea of what to move first. It is also important to send it to the moving company to make the process easier.
  • Create an inventory list. You are dealing with a huge responsibility, so it is necessary to ensure that everything is properly moved.
  • Contact a Storage Company if required. Perhaps the new location might not always look like your current office. Therefore, arranging a storage service space will allow you to store secondary-move items there.
  • Keep your important details in a printout, and it’s a good idea to label the packages with the relevant department number. Make colour-coded stickers to each department section to make the stuff identification easier. So, it can be easily distributed to the exact departments.


Find a professional moving company

Once you’ve decided on an office relocation, start taking care of finding a suitable moving company. When you hire a moving company in dubai, you can expect a much safer moving experience. Contact a moving company that can assign chores and oversee the relocation procedure. Make a prior reservation with your chosen moving company because they need to be scheduled and prepared. 

Professional Movers know the proper transfer, loading, and unloading of items; for example, carefully packing and moving all electronic equipment. They utilize the appropriate materials during the transfer to avoid damages to your belongings. You have to start this process 3 to 5 months before your relocating date.


Settling in

The big move is over! Now it’s time to get the final things set up, so you can get back down to business as early as you can.

  • Set up all the computers and electronic equipment first.
  • Set up telephone lines and systems to ensure you are connected with your clients as previously.
  • Distribute new phone lists and department locations, or paste a printed map. It will ensure that all the staff members are familiar with the new premises.
  • Check the inventory which you have prepared and report any loss to the moving company if required.
  • Publish an announcement about your office relocation to ensure that your clients, customers, and co-workers are aware.


Selecting the best facility for your requirements might save you time and money in moving to the relocation. Therefore, when choosing a self-storage service or a moving company, keep the above tips in mind. Contact us now for more information on our stress-free office relocation services.

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