21 February 2024
Beyond Boxes: Our Tailored Solutions for Fine Art Relocation
Fine Art covered with the sheet for protection

It can be challenging to find the right movers when you plan to relocate fragile objects such as precious paintings, collectibles, antiques, family heirlooms, sculptures, archives, and more. Moving fine art items requires thorough pre-planning, including determining the route, selecting appropriate packing materials, estimating the necessary workforce, and choosing the optimal time for transportation. While transit is crucial during relocation, it is essential to emphasize the importance of preparation and planning in advance.


This is where we, 800 TRUCK, come in.


We boast a dedicated team skilled in handling the moving of fine arts, ranging from glass statues to precious paintings. We meticulously assess the items, planning the duration, required items for the move, and the necessary manpower.


Due to the consistent care and communication needed for such moves, a designated coordinator will be assigned to you. This coordinator will maintain regular communication regarding the relocation's status, assist with required services, and inform you about the necessary trucks, workers, and the schedule. Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking to monitor their transit, aiding us in coordinating the quickest and safest route to the desired destination.


The primary goal of 800 TRUCK is customer satisfaction. We acknowledge that art is highly diverse and cannot be treated as a homogenous product; it is dynamic and requires handling with different specifications.


When moving these objects, having the right equipment is crucial. Some artworks may need transportation in temperature-controlled trucks, while others may require crates with specific dimensions for smooth transit.


The packing materials used in fine arts relocation include:

• Foam roll

• Bubble Wrap

• Artistic Tape

• Cardboard corner protectors

• Corrugated Rolls

• White Packing Paper


Request a free quote with us, and we will gladly conduct a survey of the items to be relocated, providing you with a hassle-free and stress free relocation experience.


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