02 July 2023
Protecting Belongings: Expert Advice For Packing Fragile, Heavy & Bulky Items

Packing Fragile, heavy, and bulky items can be one of the most stressful steps of relocation. Because of their susceptibility to breakage and damage, they must be handled with extreme caution. It is possible to relocate the most fragile items without any loss if you put more energy and care into packing them precisely. Here are some common suggestions for packing and moving fragile and bulky items: 

  • Use fitting-sized boxes

Small or fitting size boxes that are more comfortable to manage when the item is packed. Be sure to fill all unused space with lots of padding to ensure that all items are well-packed. 

  • Tighten the base with extra tape of heavy boxes

It is better to use powerful strapped boxes; using extra strips of tape will support the box entirely and keep it from bending the weight of its items. 

  • Cover the fragile items with soft packing materials

For fragile items, bubble wrap, foam, styrofoam, or even towels are the best option. Is it best to wrap the fragile items with bubble wrap before placing them in the box

  • Place the heaviest items on the base

Layer all of the items from heaviest to lightest so the bottom of the box is held up, and the most delicate items won’t get damaged.

  • Use dividers for glasses and other fragile items

It is best to purchase dividers for glasses or even special boxes for stemware to keep each item from moving and hitting with other things.

  • Fill empty spaces with packing paper

Hollow spaces in glasses, jars, and other glass items, should be stuffed with packing paper to support shakes.

  • Wrap each piece

Fragile and bulky decorative items should be separately wrapped based on the volume, form, and material. Remove their movable pieces, like lids, and wrap them individually. The most fragile items should be encased in bubble wrap and fastened with tape. Also, divide these items into smaller boxes rather than settling them with too many other things.

  • Use plenty of packing tape

The wrapping tape will give the items good support by securing fragile items with enough tape to prevent the things beneath them from moving during transportation. 

  • Clearly label fragile items

Each fragile item box should be labeled as such for ease, especially if you’re planning to store the items for some time during the move. It will be beneficial more than you assume. The Storage Company will put these boxes in a separate section, and they will be handled with attention and put in the space accordingly.

  • Hire a professional moving company

When packing fragile and bulky items, it is essential to take time and be conscious of what you’re doing and how to do it. Ensure that you take all the necessary steps to pack the items safely. Hire a professional Moving company as they are updated with correct packaging methods and supporting materials; it is better to get assistance from the experts in packing and moving fragile and bulky items. 

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