“Cheap is expensive” and most of the time we get to learn it the hard way. If you are planning to relocate, you should always stay away from cheap movers who will be willing to take any amount without doing a survey and planning your relocation. You shouldn’t hire someone because they have a van. Instead, hire professional movers who will be able to take care of your items during the move.

Hidden Charges

Unprofessional movers tend to hide charges from the quote and the result will be the customer ends up paying more than they initially discussed amount. Most of the time this happens because unprofessional movers are inexperienced and might not know how the moving is carried out. They give a quote before surveying to later find out that they had given a less quote compared to the actual work hence creating surprise charges to recover their cost. It is always recommended to hire experienced and professional movers who will do a survey before the moving day followed by providing a quote with the complete breakdown of services offered including the packing materials used, the no of carpenters or professional packers and movers in the team. It is better if everything is clear from the start as it will make the move a stress-free and peaceful one.

Inadequate Tools

Unprofessional movers tend not to have enough necessary tools to execute moving tasks fast. Most unprofessional moving companies will rely on human labour for all the lifting and the result is damaging almost all the heavy and precious items thus turning your moving into a nightmare. Tools like drills for easy dismantling of furniture. Trolleys for moving delicate heavy items play a vital role in the moving processes sometimes during moving you get to deal with situations where some furniture can’t fit in the service lift and can’t use the stairs either the only remaining solution is to dismantle them and reassemble after the move is done. This is when experience and adequate tools come into play. During the moving process, there’s no time to wait for an individual to finish using a tool so that the other team members can use it too. Everything should be pre-planned and a company well-equipped ready to Rambo!

Missing Items

In most cases, cheap moving companies are unregistered and are illegally operating. If a moving company isn’t licensed that means they won’t offer insurance or take responsibility for your items in case anything is damaged or go missing. If you value your items that extra bucks should not be a fence hindering you from getting the quality move.

Improper Packing

Cheap movers are likely not going to use quality packing materials so that they will be able to save on the costs, and your items are more likely to be damaged because of improper packing. A Moving company displays its professionalism by showcasing packing skills, tools and other equipment. If a mover company can’t offer quality packing, then they are in the wrong business. You deserve to have a moving team that values Your belongings as much as you do. If something is of value to you there is no need to settle for less and have a rollercoaster of an experience. Hire professional!


Cheap moving companies hire Cheap and inexperienced labour without any proper training. Those are the people you are trusting with your belongings and all you get from them will be headaches and unnecessary stress. Never good at timekeeping plus in case of truck breakdown or any emergency they never have more trucks to come to the rescue, so you will have to wait until they fix the truck and continue with the operation. They will have no experience in handling items like Art pieces that need extra care and special handling, Things that experienced and professional movers deal with every day.

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