Special Projects

When transporting unusual or complex things, careful preparation and attention to detail are essential.

In order to handle the most difficult jobs, our special projects team comes up with creative methods for relocating.

Museums, labs, industries, parks, amusement parks, educational institutions, and other types of complex facilities may all benefit from our relocation services.

It is necessary for us to plan every detail of our projects down to the last piece of equipment and material.

Also, we can assist with the removal and re-installation of existing hardware and furnishings. Our duties include meticulously arranging and securing a wide range of exceptional materials and devices for shipment. Foundation and furniture can also be dismantled by us.

Why you need to hire 800 TRUCK

You free up time for other things

Setting up utility or cable service and prepping your new location for the move are just two of the many tasks that must be completed on moving day. Hiring a moving company removes the stress of relocating so that you can focus on more important responsibilities.

Movers are equipped with the proper tools.

It can be frustrating to discover that you don’t have the necessary tools to deconstruct it. Without the knowledge of the right equipment, valuable elements of the goods can be damaged.

Your priceless possessions are safeguarded by an insurance policy.

There is no one else to blame except yourself if your valuables break during the relocation. An exception to this rule is when a mover accidentally damages a pricey object. To protect your things, 800 Truck offers a wide range of insurance policies.

Money is saved over time.

Cutting corners and moving can save you a lot of money, but it can also cost you a lot of money. People frequently underestimate the expenses of relocating on their own, such as food and drink for the workers, damage to valuables, injuries, and the amount of time involved.

Make an appointment with us for an experienced evaluation and advice if you’re thinking about moving.