Moving to a villa is one of the most stressful situations one can go through. However, if you start the planning process one month ahead of time, your move into your new home will go smoothly. It is practically impossible to do it yourself, you will need to hire professional movers for the job to avoid having last-minute panic. Follow these tips in preparation to get your villa ready for the move.


Decluttering is a very important stage during the villa moving preparation. Decluttering should be the first thing done two weeks before the actual move date. You should sort out items and get rid of the stuff that won’t be moving with you. You can then donate everything you won’t need or have a garage sale. Decluttering before the move will save you packing time and space on the moving truck.


You should contact your utility company to let them know about the move. Check with them to find out about the cancellation cost, if you decide on cancelling some services like cable and Landline telephone. Get all information regarding cancellation and transfer but before you transfer any utility, first find out the utilities included in your rent at the new home and that will be a starting point. Remember to Inform your utility provider earlier so that they can schedule a shut-off service after you move.


Moving day will be a busy day. Finishing packing earlier before the moving day will help you to focus on other important tasks like getting all the necessary documents ready. It will allow you to take enough rest and also do a double recheck to make sure everything that needs to go is packed. You need to start with items that serve no practical purpose like decorations and all the items you Seldom use. Then pack your essential items and everything you will need right up until the moving day.


Label each carton, writing down what is inside and the room it belongs in. Doing so will help you organize your boxes in the correct rooms when they arrive at your new home and it will save you time when you are trying to locate a particular item later. You can label a box of essentials that you will need immediately as a first-night box or first off truck and


If your current villa is insured, give your insurance agent a call and let them know that you are moving. They will be able to tell you whether it is possible to transfer the insurance coverage or if you will need to find a new agent. It depends on whether you are moving within the same or another Emirate and if the insurer operates in the new Emirate you are moving into.


Before packing, take pictures of the items that will act as evidence if an item goes missing, breaks, or gets scratched. Remember to take a picture of your electronic setup, especially the complex wiring of your home entertainment system that you will refer to later when reconnecting your system in the new home.


If you are renting, ensure you give your landlord proper notice about the move-out. The amount of notice required will depend on the terms of the lease. Make sure nothing is damaged because if there are damages, it could lead to a deduction from the security deposit. Give the landlord time to perform a walk-through inspection before you move out. After the move-out, you will receive the security deposit amount you paid when you first moved into the villa.

  • Confirm with your movers about the time and day for the move and get a move-out permit ready if it is required.
  • Fragile items should be labelled for the movers to notice. Use fragile tape or handle with care stickers.
  • Make a checklist of all the easy to forget items and make sure they are packed. Small furniture parts like screws and nuts are so important and should be taped on the furniture so that you don’t lose them during the move.
  • Take photos of all your fragile items before packing them and show their condition to the moving team to take full responsibility in case of any damage during the move.
  • Carefully make a packing list of every item to be moved. A packing list will help you identify any missing items after the move.

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