Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are a popular cue sport in many homes and a source of joy to the family and guests. People rarely ever think of the work involved in moving a pool table. It’s not a big surprise that many people choose professional movers to do the heavy lifting because some pool tables can weigh over 300kg. Moving something too heavy and delicate like a pool table shouldn’t be taken lightly, and never try moving it yourself or with friends. The challenge in moving the pool table is its complicated structure that requires a special team to make relocation possible without damaging it. Since you don’t want to risk damaging your precious centrepiece, employing professional pool table movers is always suggested.

Whether you require to move it from one villa to another or from one Emirate to another Emirate, our team has the experience and training necessary to relocate your pool table to the new location more quickly and safely. We have the right types of equipment and a professional team for the job that involves disassembling, packing, transporting, delivering, and re-assembling pool table.

800 TRUCK Pool Table Moving Service

We always start the pool table moving operation by sending our pool table specialist for a survey. Then they will draft a moving plan and get all the team and tools ready for the operation which is done in three parts, Dismantling, transporting, and setting up.

Dismantling the pool table

The pool table has to be dismantled before any shifting. One of the most common damages to the pool table happens when lifting the pool table without dismantling it. The side panels of the pool table cannot support 300 to 400 kg of average table weight. This is usually overlooked by general movers. Moving the heavy pool table without dismantling will cause bodily injuries or damage to other properties during the moving process.

Improper handling of the pool table will also make setting up and levelling the pool table challenging. Have it in mind that damaged table parts are expensive to replace or beyond economical repair.

Transporting the pool table

It takes 3 to 4 strong people to carry the heavy slates and parts. This becomes challenging when the slates have to be manually carried up or down the stairs. We take a special effort to ensure adequate physical protection on fragile parts of the pool table. This will include proper shrink wrapping of delicate parts to prevent scratches before loading up to our Truck.

Setting up the pool table

The 3-piece slates must be properly positioned, aligned, secured, and levelled. The seam gaps between the slates should be carefully filled with special compound material to ensure a smooth consistent playing surface.

Our reputation has been built through hundreds of happy customers that have used our services all over the UAE. Don’t risk having an inexperienced company relocate your pool table and something go wrong. It could cost much more than hiring professionals in the first place.