Keeping your home clutter-free can be a huge challenge especially when you got a busy schedule and kids. It is so much easier collecting things than getting rid of them. There’s a beautiful world of freedom and fresh breath hiding behind that clutter, follow these tips to leave in a clutter-free home in the simplest way possible.

Dedicate 10 Minutes Everyday

You can’t wait till you have time to organize and live a clutter-free home. Decluttering can be overwhelming but if you dedicate 10 minutes every day to organize and clean your home it will later become a habit. It will become easier over time and you won’t be looking at decluttering as extra work anymore. Make sure you don’t let a day go to waste, if you can’t afford to find 10 minutes out of your time, at least find 5minute to spare.

Storing Phase

The Sorting phase is a very crucial stage when decluttering. This is where you sort out things that you want to keep, store, sell, or donate. Things that you no longer need which are still in good condition can be donated to charity. Only keep things that you need and use regularly and then sell the things that are in good condition and still got value.

Clean One Room At A Time

Decluttering is not something that can be done in one day. It is best done over time. The easy way to get everything organized is to clean up one room at a time. For example, set a day to clean the living room, another day for the bedroom and then the Study room, etc. Clean at least one room per day and you will clean your whole room before you even know it.

Rent A Storage Unit

A storage unit will be essential to store all the seasonal items that may fill up your house. When it is off-season, decoration materials for the New Year, birthdays, Christmas, and seasonal clothing should be stored in the storage unit. These are items that are only used once a year and when it’s the off-season they serve no purpose being at home.

Store your important paperwork in the storage unit and shred the rest or take them to a recycling plant if they are not confidential documents. Records like bank statements and medical records are so important. These items need to be kept for a long time and filling them at home will only create a mess for you. The best solution is to keep a cabinet in the storage unit for all your paper works.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional de-cluttering service will speed up the decluttering process and will get you living an organized life in the blink of an eye. A professional organizer will not declutter and organize space but will also give you advice on how to maintain clutter-free interiors. It’s so difficult to find spare time every day to declutter and the longer you take the more the clutter pile up. Living a clutter-free life needs commitment, you will need to do it at least once every 2 weeks to be able to maintain an organized lifestyle.

Make Use Of Space Under The Staircase

Stairs can be the perfect place to create a unique solution that will help you cut down the clutter. Take advantage of the space under the stairway and create mini storage by fitting in drawers or cabinets. Store all your paperwork in the cabinet or clear all shoes from the hallway and keep them in the cabinet making your home more organized. Keep kids’ toys in the drawers and teach them to always keep their toys back after use than spreading them all over the house.

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