Moving fragile items can be a little challenging. You got to be patient when dealing with delicate items. You need to use the right materials for packing and use the right professionals to handle your moving. By following these simple procedures, you will be able to pull off a successful move without breaking a single item.

First of all, identify the packing materials that you will need for the packing. These are the normal materials you can find in the stores around the corner and in case you can’t find exact materials, you can substitute them for something else that will still get work done.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors/cutter
  • Towels
  • Maker
  • Tape
  • Cartons/pre divided boxes
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Packing peanuts
  • Fragile sticker


Always Remember to secure the bottom of the box with enough tape before you put items inside. The best way is to use straps for example glassware gets so heavy that if you are not careful with the way you pack them you might end up breaking everything when you lift the carton. Use straps to be on the safer side and always lift the carton from the bottom.


When packing fragile items for moving it’s always better to use a small carton than a bigger one. With a small carton, the items will be packed so tight left with no space for movement. Packing in a small carton makes the handling so easy and because there’s no space this Prevents items from crashing into each other like the case when packed in a bigger box. It’s always so easy lifting a small heavy box than a bigger one.


After packing, make sure the carton is labelled with a fragile sticker or a glass sticker. Clear labelling will alert whoever coming to pick them up to know that it’s glass inside which needs to be handled with care. You shouldn’t mind if you can’t find the fragile stickers that are when our maker comes in handy. You can use a marker to write on the carton and make sure it is clear to be seen by anyone who might come to attend to your needs and you can still let them know what is inside and throw in some instructions too.


When dealing with fragile items, Padding should be the first step before you think of anything else. You should put a soft foam or a towel at the bottom of the carton before you pack the items. If there is space in the carton or the boxes after everything is packed, you can fill up the space with packing peanuts or foam padding. 


It is always better to pack each item separately with bubble wrap secured with tape. If you are running out of packing materials, you can combine and pack them together. Packing items individually guarantees safety and makes it easy to remove any particular item if you want to.

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