29 May 2024
Your Guide to Emaar Move-In & Move-Out Permits
high rise building of Emaar in Dubai Marina

Moving to a new place in Dubai is an exciting time, but navigating unfamiliar procedures can add stress. One such procedure is obtaining move-in and move-out permits, which are mandatory for the residents of Emaar. While it might seem like an extra step, these permits play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and organized move for everyone involved. Let's explore how to secure these permits with ease and the benefits of obtaining them.

Two Simple Ways to Apply for Your Emaar Move-In Permit

There are two platforms available to obtain a move-in permit:

Emaar One App

For a truly convenient experience, consider using the Emaar One app specifically designed for Emaar residents. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Emaar Community Management Portal by Sakani

The second option for obtaining a move-in or move-out permit is the Emaar Community Portal by Sakani. It provides home management solutions for Emaar development projects. Through this web portal, buyers and tenants can easily manage their move-ins and move-outs. The portal also offers various other services.

Steps for Creating an Emaar Move-In Permit

To help you move in smoothly, here's a detailed step by step guide on applying for the permits.

Register Your Account

 .  Open the Emaar One App.

 .  Register by providing the necessary details.

Select Your Home Ownership Type

Choose from the following options:

 . Homeowner

 . Tenant

 . Agent

 . Holiday Home Operator

Select the Move-In Option

  .  Navigate to and select the "Move-in" option.

Fill in the Property Details

Complete the form with the following information:

 .  Master Community

 .  Community

 .  Building

 .  Unit Number

Provide Personal Details

Enter your details, including:

 .  Name

 .  Tenancy Contract Start Date

 .  Tenancy Contract End Date

 .  Number of Occupants (including adults and children)

Submit Required Documents

Upload the following documents:

 .  Ejari (Tenancy Contract) 

 .  Emirates ID, Passport, and Visa copies.

By following these steps, you can efficiently secure your move-in permit using the Emaar One App.

Move Out Permits

The documents required for a move-out permit are the same as those for a move-in permit. To avoid any delays or complications, be sure to pay all your outstanding charges and finalize all paperwork before moving out. Additionally, remember to apply for the permit at least 24 to 48 hours prior to your move.

Why Are Move-In and Move-Out Permits Important?

While the moving process itself can be hectic, obtaining the necessary permits can actually contribute to a smoother experience. Here's how:

Streamlined Process

Permits ensure clear communication between tenants, landlords, and relevant authorities. This facilitates a well-coordinated move-in or move-out, minimizing disruptions for everyone involved.

Accurate Records

Permits create a record of occupancy, which benefits both parties. Landlords can track tenant information and ensure all dues are settled before departure. Tenants have peace of mind knowing their residency is officially documented.

Conflict Resolution

Permits can act as a safeguard in case of disputes. Having a documented record of the move-in and move-out condition of the property helps prevent disagreements about potential damage or outstanding fees.

Efficient Management

For property developers and management companies, permits provide valuable data on tenant occupancy. This information helps them maintain accurate records, manage resources effectively, and plan for future maintenance needs.

By obtaining the necessary permits, you contribute to a smoother moving experience for yourself and everyone involved.

Who is Emaar?

Emaar has shaped Dubai's skyline with its dedication to quality, cutting-edge design, and iconic developments. From the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, to luxurious communities and expansive shopping malls, Emaar has shaped Dubai's skyline and reputation as a global hub.

With the knowledge and resources provided here, you can navigate your move to your new Dubai home with confidence, ensuring a smooth transition for yourself and everyone involved.


Relocating can be stressful, but obtaining your Emaar move-in and move-out permits doesn't have to be. With the convenient Emaar One App or the Emaar Community Management Portal,  the process is quick and straightforward.

For an even smoother move, consider hiring a professional home moving company. Skip the heavy lifting and leave the move-in hassles to them – you can focus on getting settled in your new Emaar home. However, even if you hire a moving company, obtaining the permits yourself is still advisable.

By leveraging these tips and the resources offered, you can take charge and create a stress-free, organized move to your new Emaar home.


What is the move-in permit fee for Emaar?

There is no specific fee required for an Emaar move-in permit. However, if the landlord is in default due to outstanding fees, they must pay them first to obtain the move-in permit. 

To avoid any delays on moving day, when should you apply for your move-in and move-out permits?

For a stress-free moving day, be sure to submit your permit application at least 1-2 days in advance.

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